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Original John Curry Formula that has brought health to lofts across the country and around the world. Break the bond of “antibiotic dependency” for pathogen prevention with the best product on the market today to enhance your pigeons health.

CTL HEALTH BLEND SUPPLEMENT is used at a rate of approximately one tsp. to one pound of feed, or 1/4th cup to 50 pounds of feed. (More or less as needed or desired). *Adding an equal amount of oil, your choice, helps product to adhere to the feed. Because CTL formula is all natural, there’s no adverse affect on organs, vision, reproduction, and performance as with antibiotics.

CTL will do the following:

  • Block the attachment of pathogens to the intestinal wall
  • Bind ammonia, which is the catalyst for respiratory infections
  • Bind aflatoxins and micotoxins (molds and mildews)
  • Aid in fertility by cleaning the female ova duct and maintaining healthy sperm cells
  • Provide nutrients necessary for healthy yolk sac
  • Add Micro-encapsulated friendly bacteria (Competitive exclusion)
  • Contains enzymes for better-feed utilization (Save on feed bill)
  • Includes Herbs, amino acids, vitamins etc. for silky, abundant, soft, waterproof feathers
  • Enhance immune system to aid in recovering from viruses, vaccinations, and fighting pathogens. Etc.

The entire program is to be used 365 days a year. Storing in refrigeration or a cool, dark, dry cabinet helps to extend the shelf life of each item. Our 5lb.CTL Health Blend package is 5 lbs and treats over 2,000 pounds of feed, so from this you should gather how long it will last you.


Mineral & Trace Mineral Complex $34.00

Our Mineral and Trace Mineral Complex is made for human consumption, therefore; you need them also. Iconic Minerals are 100 percent absorbable to be added to the drinking water at a rate of 1/4th tsp. to 1 gallon of water. Minerals are beneficial in 100’s of ways, by aid in building tissue throughout the body and are necessary for un-locking vitamins.The two bottles treat over 400 gallons of drinking water.